Hubbard Brook Byrophyte List

The following list was published in Cleavitt, N and Fahey, T. 1996. Checklist of bryophytes occuring in Hubbard Brook Experimenal Forest. Evansia 13:67-74.

Common Name
Amblystegiaceae Amblystegium serpens Amblystegium moss
Amblystegiaceae Campylium chrysophyllum Goldenleaf campylium moss
Amblystegiaceae Campylium hispidulum Hispid campylium moss
Amblystegiaceae Drepanocladus fluitans
Amblystegiaceae Hygrohypnum eugyrium Hygrohypnum moss
Amblystegiaceae Hygrohypnum luridum Hygrohypnum moss
Amblystegiaceae Hygrohypnum montanum Montane hygrohypnum moss
Amblystegiaceae Hygrohypnum ochraceum Hygrohypnum moss
Amblystegiaceae Leptodictyum riparium Streamside leptodictyum moss
Amblystegiaceae Sanionia uncinata Sanionia moss
Amblystegiaceae Warnstorfia exannulata Warnstorfia moss
Andreaeaceae Andreaea rothii Roth's andreaea moss
Andreaeaceae Andreaea rupestris Andreaea moss
Anomodontaceae Anomodon attenuatus Anomodon moss
Anomodontaceae Anomodon rugelii Anomodon moss
Anomodontaceae Haplohymenium triste Haplohymenium moss
Aulacomniaceae Aulacomnium palustre Aulacomnium moss
Bartramiaceae Bartramia pomiformis Bartramia moss
Bartramiaceae Philonotis fontana Philonotis moss
Bartramiaceae Plagiopus oederiana Oeder's plagiopus moss
Brachytheciaceae Brachythecium plumosum Brachythecium moss
Brachytheciaceae Brachythecium reflexum Brachythecium moss
Brachytheciaceae Brachythecium salebrosum Brachythecium moss
Brachytheciaceae Brachythecium velutinum Brachythecium moss
Brachytheciaceae Bryhnia novae-angliae New England Bryhnia Moss
Bryaceae Bryum lisae Bryum moss
Bryaceae Bryum pseudotriquetrum Common green bryum moss
Bryaceae Pohlia annotina Pohlia moss
Bryaceae Pohlia bulbifera Pohlia moss
Bryaceae Pohlia lescuriana Lescur's pohlia moss
Bryaceae Pohlia nov
Bryaceae Pohlia nutans Pohlia moss
Buxbaumiaceae Diphyscium foliosum Diphyscium moss
Climaciaceae Climacium americanum American climacium moss
Dicranaceae Dicranella heteromalla Dicranella moss
Dicranaceae Dicranella rufescens Dicranella moss
Dicranaceae Dicranum flagellare Dicranum moss
Dicranaceae Dicranum fulvum Dicranum moss
Dicranaceae Dicranum montanum Montane dicranum moss
Dicranaceae Dicranum polysetum Dicranum moss
Dicranaceae Dicranum scoparium Dicranum moss
Dicranaceae Dicranum viride Dicranum moss
Dicranaceae Oncophorus wahlenbergii Wahlenberg's oncophorus moss
Dicranaceae Paraleucobryum longifolium Longleaf paraleucobryum moss
Dicranaceae Rhabdoweisia crispata Rhabdoweisia moss
Ditrichaceae Ditrichum ambiguum Ambiguous Ditrichum Moss
Ditrichaceae Ditrichum lineare Ditrichum moss
Ditrichaceae Ditrichum pusillum Ditrichum moss
Ditrichaceae Saelania glaucescens Saelania moss
Encalyptaceae Encalypta ciliata Fringed candle snuffer moss
Fissidentaceae Fissidens dubius Fissidens moss
Fissidentaceae Fissidens osmundioides Osmund fissidens moss
Fontinalaceae Fontinalis dalecarlica Fontinalis moss
Fontinalaceae Fontinalis novae-angliae New England Fontinalis Moss
Grimmiaceae Racomitrium aciculare Racomitrium moss
Grimmiaceae Racomitrium heterostichum Racomitrium moss
Grimmiaceae Racomitrium sudeticum Racomitrium moss
Grimmiaceae Schistidium apocarpum Schistidium moss
Hedwigiaceae Hedwigia ciliata Ciliate hedwigia moss
Hylocomiaceae Hylocomiastrum umbratum Hylocomiastrum moss
Hylocomiaceae Hylocomium splendens Splendid feather moss
Hylocomiaceae Pleurozium schreberi Schreber's big red stem moss
Hylocomiaceae Rhytidiadelphus squarrosus Square goose neck moss
Hypnaceae Callicladium haldanianum Callicladium moss
Hypnaceae Herzogiella striatella Herzogiella moss
Hypnaceae Hypnum fertile Hypnum moss
Hypnaceae Hypnum imponens Hypnum moss
Hypnaceae Hypnum pallescens Hypnum moss
Hypnaceae Isopterygiopsis muelleriana Mueller's isopterygiopsis moss
Hypnaceae Isopterygiopsis pulchella Isopterygiopsis moss
Hypnaceae Platydictya subtilis Platydictya moss
Hypnaceae Platygyrium repens Platydictya moss
Hypnaceae Pseudotaxiphyllum distichaceum Pseudotaxiphyllum moss
Hypnaceae Pseudotaxiphyllum elegans Elegant pseudotaxiphyllum moss
Hypnaceae Ptilium crista-castrensis Knights plume moss
Hypnaceae Pylaisiadelpha tenuirostris Pylaisiadelpha moss
Hypnaceae Pylaisiella intricata Intricate pylaisiella moss
Hypnaceae Pylaisiella polyantha Pylaisiella moss
Hypnaceae Pylaisiella selwynii Selwyn's pylaisiella moss
Leskeaceae Leskea polycarpa Leskea moss
Leskeaceae Leskeella nervosa Leskeella moss
Leucobryaceae Leucobryum glaucum Leucobryum moss
Leucodontaceae Leucodon brachypus Leucodon moss
Mniaceae Mnium hornum Horn calcareous moss
Mniaceae Mnium thomsonii Thomson's calcareous moss
Mniaceae Plagiomnium ciliare Plagiomnium moss
Mniaceae Plagiomnium cuspidatum Toothed plagiomnium moss
Mniaceae Rhizomnium magnifolium Grandleaf rhizomnium moss
Mniaceae Rhizomnium punctatum Rhizomnium moss
Neckeraceae Homalia trichomanoides Homalia moss
Neckeraceae Neckera pennata Neckera moss
Orthotrichaceae Amphidium lapponicum Lapland amphidium moss
Orthotrichaceae Amphidium mougeotii Mougeot's amphidium moss
Orthotrichaceae Orthotrichum sordidum Orthotrichum moss
Orthotrichaceae Ulota coarctata Ulota moss
Orthotrichaceae Ulota crispa Ulota moss
Orthotrichaceae Ulota hutchinsiae Hutchins' ulota moss
Plagiotheciaceae Plagiothecium cavifolium Plagiothecium moss
Plagiotheciaceae Plagiothecium denticulatum Toothed plagiothecium moss
Plagiotheciaceae Plagiothecium laetum Plagiothecium moss
Polytrichaceae Atrichum angustatum Atrichum moss
Polytrichaceae Atrichum crispum Atrichum moss
Polytrichaceae Atrichum oerstedianum Oersted's atrichum moss
Polytrichaceae Atrichum tenellum Atrichum moss
Polytrichaceae Atrichum undulatum Undulate atrichum moss
Polytrichaceae Pogonatum pensilvanicum Pennsylvania pogonatum moss
Polytrichaceae Polytrichastrum alpinum Alpine polytrichastrum moss
Polytrichaceae Polytrichum commune Polytrichum moss
Polytrichaceae Polytrichum formosum Polytrichum moss
Polytrichaceae Polytrichum juniperinum Juniper polytrichum moss
Polytrichaceae Polytrichum pallidisetum Polytrichum moss
Polytrichaceae Polytrichum piliferum Polytrichum moss
Polytrichaceae Polytrichum strictum Polytrichum moss
Pottiaceae Bryoerythrophyllum recurvirostre Bryoerythrophyllum moss
Pottiaceae Tortella tortuosa Tortured tortella moss
Pterigynandraceae Heterocladium dimorphum Heterocladium moss
Pterigynandraceae Myurella sibirica Siberian myurella moss
Seligeriaceae Blindia acuta Acute blindia moss
Sematophyllaceae Brotherella recurvans Recurved brotherella moss
Sematophyllaceae Sematophyllum marylandicum Maryland sematophyllum moss
Sphagnaceae Sphagnum affine Sphagnum moss
Sphagnaceae Sphagnum angustifolium Sphagnum moss
Sphagnaceae Sphagnum capillifolium Sphagnum moss
Sphagnaceae Sphagnum centrale Sphagnum moss
Sphagnaceae Sphagnum cuspidatum Toothed sphagnum moss
Sphagnaceae Sphagnum fallax Sphagnum moss
Sphagnaceae Sphagnum fimbriatum Sphagnum moss
Sphagnaceae Sphagnum fuscum Sphagnum moss
Sphagnaceae Sphagnum girgensohnii Girgensohn's sphagnum moss
Sphagnaceae Sphagnum magellanicum Magellan's sphagnum moss
Sphagnaceae Sphagnum papillosum Papillose sphagnum moss
Sphagnaceae Sphagnum rubellum Sphagnum moss
Sphagnaceae Sphagnum russowii Russow's sphagnum moss
Sphagnaceae Sphagnum squarrosum Sphagnum moss
Sphagnaceae Sphagnum teres Sphagnum moss
Splachnaceae Splachnum ampullaceum Small capsule dung moss
Splachnaceae Tetraplodon angustatus Toothedleaf nitrogen moss
Tetraphidaceae Tetraphis pellucida Tetraphis moss
Thamnobryaceae Thamnobryum alleghaniense Allegany thamnobryum moss
Thuidiaceae Rauiella scita Rauiella moss
Thuidiaceae Thuidium delicatulum Delicate thuidium moss