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Winsor H. Lowe

The University of Montana
Division of Biological Sciences
32 Campus Drive #4824
Missoula, MT 59812-4824
Telephone: 406-243-4375
FAX: 406-243-4184


Postdoctoral Associate, Institute of Ecosystem Studies, February 2003 - April 2005
Ph.D., Dartmouth College, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, December 2002
M.S., University of Montana, Organismal Biology and Ecology, 1997
B.A., Middlebury College, Biology and Environmental Studies, cum laude, 1994

Professional Positions:
  • Assistant Professor, The University of Montana, Missoula, MT

  • Distinguished Awards and Memberships:
    Ecological Society of America, Society for Conservation Biology

    Selected Publications:

    Grant, E.H.C., W.H. Lowe, and W.F. Fagan. 2007. Living in the branches: population dynamics and ecological processes in dendritic networks. Ecology Letters 10:165-175.

    Lowe, W.H., G.E. Likens, and B.J. Cosentino. 2006. Self-organization in streams: the relationship between movement behaviour and body condition in a headwater salamander. Freshwater Biology 51(11):2052-2062.

    Lowe, W.H., G.E. Likens, and M.E. Power. 2006. Linking scales in stream ecology. BioScience 56(7):591-597.

    Lowe, W.H., G.E. Likens, M.A. McPeek, and D.C. Buso. 2006. Linking direct and indirect data on dispersal: isolation by slope in a headwater stream salamander. Ecology 87(2):334-339.

    Nislow, K.H., and W.H. Lowe. 2006. Influences of logging history and riparian forest characteristics on macroinvertebrates and brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) in headwater streams (New Hampshire, U.S.A.). Freshwater Biology 51:388-397.

    Lowe, W.H. 2006. The trouble with rivers. BioScience 56(3)260-263.

    Lowe, W.H. 2005. Factors affecting stage-specific distribution in the stream salamander Gyrinophilus porphyriticus. Herpetologica 61(2):135-144.

    Lowe, W.H., and G.E. Likens. 2005. Moving headwater streams to the head of the class. BioScience 55(3):196-197.

    Bernhardt, E.S., G.E. Likens, R.O. Hall, D.C. Buso, S.G. Fisher, T.M. Burton, J.L. Meyer, W.H. McDowell, M.S. Mayer, W.B. Bowden, S.E.G. Findlay, K.H. Macneale, R.S. Stelzer, and W.H. Lowe. 2005. Can’t see the forest for the stream? The role of instream processing in modifying terrestrial nitrogen exports. BioScience 55(3):219-230.

    Lowe, W.H., K.H. Nislow, and G.E. Likens. 2005. Forest structure and stream salamander diets: implications for terrestrial-aquatic connectivity. Verh. Internat. Verein. Limnol. 29(1):279-286.

    Lowe, W.H. 2003. Linking dispersal to local population dynamics: a case study using a headwater salamander system. Ecology 84(8):2145-2154.

    Lowe, W.H., K.H. Nislow, and D.T. Bolger. 2004. Stage-specific and interactive effects of sedimentation and trout on a headwater stream salamander. Ecological Applications 14(1):164-172.

    Lowe, W.H. 2002. Landscape-scale spatial population dynamics in human-impacted stream systems. Environmental Management 30(2):225-233.

    Lowe, W.H., and D.T. Bolger. 2002. Local and landscape-scale predictors of salamander abundance in New Hampshire headwater streams. Conservation Biology 16(1):183-193.

    Nislow, K.H., and W.H. Lowe. 2002. Influences of logging history and stream pH on brook trout in 1st-order streams in New Hampshire. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 132(1):166-171.

    Hauer, F.R., J.A. Stanford, J.J. Giersch, and W.H. Lowe. 2001. Distribution and abundance patterns of macroinvertebrates in a mountain stream: an analysis along multiple environmental gradients. Verh. Internat. Verein. Limnol. 27(3):1485-1488.

    Lowe, W.H., and F.R. Hauer. 1999. Ecology of two large, net-spinning caddisflies in a mountain stream: distribution, abundance, and metabolic response to a thermal gradient. Canadian Journal of Zoology 77(10):1637-1644.

    Graduate Students:
    Adam Sepulveda, Lindy Mullen, Mike Machura

    Graduate Advisor:
    Douglas T. Bolger

    Title at Hubbard Brook:
    Principal Investigator