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Donald C. Buso

Institute of Ecosystem Studies
234 Mirror Lake Road
Hubbard Brook Forest Station
Campton, NH 03223
Telephone: 603-726-4204
FAX: 603-726-4851

  • B.S., Cornell University, Ecology and Systematics, 1975.

  • Professional Positions:
  • Manager of Field Research, IES, Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, NH, 1987-present;
  • Field Research Assistant, IES, Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study, 1982-1987;
  • Field Technician, Cornell University, Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study, 1975-1982.

  • Research Interests and Activities:
    Donald C. Buso has worked at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest since 1975, when he was employed as the Field Technician responsible for the routine collection of samples of precipitation, stream water and lake water for the Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study. In 1987, he was promoted to IES on-site Manager of Field Research and the long-term chemical database, with responsibility for overseeing collection of samples, chemical data quality assurance, and calculation of ecosystem nutrient fluxes from the chemical and hydrologic data. He is a member of the HBES Data Management Working Group. His professional interests include aquatic ecology, especially the limnology of small, backcountry lakes and ponds. Additionally, his research activities have involved investigations of land-use history effects on watersheds, focusing on forest development after catastrophic disturbances, such as fire and hurricanes. He has participated in the design and installation of temporary and permanent streamgaging stations in small, forested watersheds.

    Selected Publications:

    Buso, D.C., G.E. Likens, and J.S. Eaton. 2000. Chemistry of precipitation, streamwater,and lakewater from the Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study: a record of sampling protocols and analytical procedures. Gen. Tech. Rep. NE-275. Newtown Square, PA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Northeastern Research Station. 52 p.

    Rosenberry, D.L., P.A. Bukaveckas, D.C. Buso, G.E. Likens, A.M. Shapiro and T.C. Winter. 1999. Movement of road salt to a small New Hampshire lake. Water, Air, and Soil Pollution 109:179-206.

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    Hornbeck, J.W., S.W. Bailey, D.C. Buso and J.B. Shanley. 1997. Streamwater chemistry and nutrient budgets for forested watersheds in New England: variability and management implications. Forest Ecology Management 93:73-89.

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    Title at Hubbard Brook: