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Mary E Martin

University of New Hampshire
Morse Hall
8 College Road
Durham, NH 03824
Telephone: n/a

PhD - Natural Resources. 1994. University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH
BS - Botany. 1988. University of New Hampshire Durham, NH

Professional Positions:
  • 1998 - present. Research Assistant Professor. Complex Systems Research Center, University of New Hampshire, Durham, New Hampshire.
  • 2012 - present. Hubbard Brook Information Manager.

  • Selected Publications:

    Wicklein, H.F., S.V. Ollinger, M.E. Martin, D.Y. Hollinger , L.C. Lepine, M.C. Day, M.K. Bartlett, A.D. Richardson, R.J. Norby. Variation in foliar nitrogen and albedo in response to nitrogen fertilization and elevated CO2. Oecologia DOI: 10.1007/s00442-012-2263-6.

    Hollinger, D.Y., S.V. Ollinger, A.D. Richardson, T.P. Meyers, D.B. Dails, M.E. Martin, et al. 2010. Albedo estimates for land surface models and support for a new paradigm based on foliage nitrogen concentration. Global Change Biology 16: 696-710.

    Ollinger, S.V., A.D. Richardson, M.E. Martin, et al. 2008. Canopy nitrogen, carbon assimilation, and albedo in temperate and boreal forests: Functional relations and potential climate feedbacks. PNAS 2008 105:19336-19341.

    Pontius, J, M. Martin, L. Plourde, R. Hallett. 2008. Ash decline assessment in emerald ash borer-infested regions: A test of tree-level, hyperspectral technologies. Remote Sensing of Environment 112(5):2665-2676.

    Anderson, J.E., L. Plourde, M.E. Martin, R. Braswell, M.L. Smith, R. Dubayah, M. Hofton, J.B. Blair. 2008. Integrating waveform Lidar with hyperspectral imagery for inventory of a northern temperate forest. Remote Sensing of Environment 112(4):1856-1870.

    Martin, M.E., L.C. Plourde, S.V. Ollinger, M.L. Smith, B. McNeil. 2008. A generalizable method for remote sensing of canopy nitrogen across a wide range of forest ecosystems. Remote Sensing of Environment 12:3511-3519.

    Ollinger S., R. Truehaft, R. Braswell, J. Anderson, M. Martin, M.L. Smith. 2007. The Role of Remote Sensing in the Study of Terrestrial Net Primary Productivity. In Principles and Standards for Measuring Primary Production. Eds. T.J. Fayey and A.K. Knapp Oxford Press. Pp. 204-237.

    Plourde, L., S.V. Ollinger, M.L. Smith, M.E. Martin. 2007. Species classification for a northern temperate forest using spectral unmixing of hyperspectral remote sensing imagery. Photogrametric Engineering and Remote Sensing 73(7):829-840.

    Aber, J.D., C.L. Goodale, S.V. Ollinger, M-L. Smith, A.H. Magill, M.E. Martin, R.A. Hallett, J.L. Stoddard, and Northeastern Ecosystem Research Cooperative Participants. 2003. Is nitrogen deposition altering the nitrogen status of northeastern forests? Bioscience 53:375-389.

    Ollinger, S.V., M.L. Smith, M.E Martin, R.A. Hallett, J.D. Aber, and C.L. Goodale. 2002. Patterns of nitrogen cycling and nitrate production in relation to foliar chemistry, disturbance history and species composition across a temperate forest landscape. Ecology 83:339-355.

    Graduate Advisor:
    John Aber

    Role at the Hubbard Brook:
    Hubbard Brook Information Manager

    Title at Hubbard Brook: