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Linda H. Pardo

US Forest Service
Northern Research Station
PO Box 968
Burlington, VT 05402
Telephone: 802-951-6771 [ext. 1330]
FAX: 802-951-6368

  • Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1999;
  • M.S. Syracuse University, Environmental Engineering, 1991;
  • B.S. Yale University, Mechanical Engineering, 1984.

  • Professional Positions:
  • Environmental Engineer, USDA Forest Service, Burlington, VT, 1991-present

  • Research Interests and Activities:
    Linda H. Pardo has worked at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest since 1989. Her research interests include nutrient cycling, especially nitrogen cycling, and biogeochemistry of light stable isotopes. Current projects include: (1) Response of soil and litter d 15N to clear-cutting, (2) Comparison of d 15N and nitrification potential across a nitrate-loss gradient in NH, (3) Assessment of the source of streamwater nitrate using 15N and 18O at HBEF and across New Hampshire

    Selected Publications:

    Pardo, L. H. 1999. Natural abundance of 15N as a tool for assessing patterns of nitrogen loss from forest ecosystems. Ph.D. Thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 136 pp.

    Pardo, L. H. and C. T. Driscoll. 1996. Critical loads for nitrogen deposition: case studies at two northern hardwood forests. Water, Air and Soil Pollution 89:105-128.

    Mitchell, M.J., C. T. Driscoll, J. S. Kahl, G. E. Likens, P. S. Murdoch and L.H. Pardo. 1996. Climatic control of nitrate loss from forested watersheds in the northeast United States. Environ. Sci. & Technol. 30:2609-2612.

    Pardo, L.H., C. T. Driscoll and G. E. Likens. 1995. Patterns of nitrate loss from a chronosequence of clear-cut watersheds. Water, Air and Soil Pollution 85:1659-1664.

    Pardo, L.H. and C. T. Driscoll. 1993. A critical review of mass balance methods for calculating critical loads of nitrogen for forested ecosystems. Environ. Rev. 1:145-156.

    Title at Hubbard Brook:
    Principal Investigator